Chantrell M. Lewis

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Chantrell M. Lewis, M.F.A (She/Her) is an actor, writer, author and emerging researcher. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and a Master's degree from the University of California, Irvine. Lewis has spent the past few years working as a lead teaching artist in theatre based education programs.
A dedicated innovator, who simply makes things happen. Lewis is a non-stop trailblazer whose research, diligence, discipline and natural ability fully support everything she pursues.
Notably, Lewis also serves at the Director of The Jar of Sunshine Inc. a California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to women and children of the African diaspora.

Black Girl's Guide  to Ladyhood

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Black Girl's Guide
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Dessert Dreams; A Sweet Bedtime Book!
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Who's that girl?

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 Chantrell M. Lewis, affectionately known as Channy, is a Southern California based Educator, Author and Actor. With an abundance of training and experience under her belt, you should know that when it comes to creativity, the performing arts, and literature - she is your girl! 

A multi-hyphenated woman who loves amplifying the world through creativity. Lewis began her performing arts career training at eight years old at the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby, Ohio. Since then she has performed and educated across the nation. An organized and innovative leader, Lewis thrives in high demand spaces. 


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