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Lewis is a seasoned performing arts educator and social-behavioral researcher with extensive experience. Her published research titles underscore her unwavering commitment to integrating arts and education. Examples include "Addressing Bisexuality, Gender Non-Conformance, and Performativity through The Color Purple by Alice Walker" (adapted for the stage by Marsha Norman), published in 2019 by the Excellence in Performing Arts Research Journal, and "Unbound: The Performing Arts and the Social-Emotional Development of Black Youth," published in 2022 by ProQuest.

"Unbound" was notably presented at The University of California Merced’s Research Symposium titled "Being and Becoming: Blackness in Multiple Contexts" in February of 2023. In 2024 Lewis presented research at the CETA (California Educational Theatre Association) Conference in Costa Mesa, CA and was a keynote speaker at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (region 7). 

Curious about what a class looks like with me? Take a look!

Statement on
Social - Emotional Learning


My teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that the most effective curriculum is intertwined with the principles of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). As a certified SEL educator, I advocate that comprehensive learning flourishes when rooted in practices of self-regulation, social awareness, relationship skills, and sound decision-making.

These foundational elements seamlessly align with every facet of the performing arts. I enter each classroom with an intentional focus on fostering healthy student-teacher relationships and implementing SEL-based curriculum. I aim to cultivate an environment where exploration and discovery thrive, underpinned by a sense of safety and limitless creative freedom. I see my role as an educator as that of a facilitator, guiding students through a journey of self-discovery and learning while nurturing their social and emotional development.

2024 Kennedy Center American Theater College Festival Region 7

Representation, Equity, 
Diversity Keynote Presenter 

2024 Kennedy Center American College Festival.

Spokane, Washington

Arts - Education Gallery

Leah Presley Martinez.webp

Family of Leah Martinez, Voice Student

We knew we made the right decision as parents to pursue finding Ms. Channy on the world wide web, when she showcased her breathtaking talents at a student event. 

I remember telling myself that Leah has been looking for Ms. Channy for a while now and that this would be a perfect fit. As luck has it, it was a perfect fit on all levels. 

Ms. Channy has been a blessing to our daughter's life in so many ways. She has given her the wings to fly and continue to reach her full potential. During vocal classes, I typically step away but,  on occasion i listen in to what they are working on. Quite often I hear  Ms. Channy giving positive feedback and really helping Leah understand music and all the feelings within it. I feel that Ms. Channy is such a professional in what she does and does it all with love. The results are shown in how much Leah has grown vocally and the spike in her confidence, this is all attributed to her being an amazing teacher, guide, and friend.

Private Voice Student Cindy El Jamrah.webp

Cindy El Jamrah, Voice Student 

Working with Chantrell has helped me grow as a singer and performer! Being a drama student I have found these lessons helpful in utilizing my voice in performing and singing. I’ve been able to gain a greater understanding of my voice and how unique each of our voices are. I am relatively new to voice work and have been able to advance quickly thanks to these lessons; through understanding the importance of presence, structure, and moving beyond following notes and patterns to develop character and presence behind each note. 

I’ve appreciated working with Chantrell because of her patience, adaptability, and her ability to help me grow in each lesson!

Demonstrated Excellence in Arts Education 

Chantrell Lewis.jpg

Chantrell M. Lewis named Arts Orange County Emerging Artist/Arts Leader Honoree 

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