Chantrell M. Lewis

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Chantrell M. Lewis (she/her) is a wearer of many hats; balancing life as an author, professional actor, arts educator and Founder/Director of The Jar of Sunshine Inc.

Black Girl's Guide to Ladyhood

Order now for the young ladies in your life. The guidebook for the crucial time period between girlhood and womanhood, ladyhood.

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New Release ! 
Dessert Dreams; A Sweet Bedtime Book!
By Chantrell M. Lewis and Nick I. Exum 

There's a bake sale tomorrow and the house is full of pies and cookies! Join us on our colorful journey throughout the house as we get ready for bed. 
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Who's that girl?

My name is Chantrell M. Lewis, affectionately known as Channy. I am a Southern California based Educator, Author and Actor.  With an abundance of training and experience under my belt, you should know that when it comes to creativity, the performing arts, and literature - I am your girl! 

A multi-hyphenated woman who loves amplifying the world through creativity. 

Need an actress for an upcoming film? Or maybe a lecturer for a theatre course? Perhaps you're looking to bring in an Author to host a writing workshop for youth. Feel free to contact me, rest assured you're covered. 

With ample experience in many areas of the performing arts and literature; on the scene and behind the scenes, I have the knowledge to guide you through the completion of just about any project.