The Jar of Sunshine Inc.

The Jar of Sunshine Inc. is a California 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to women and children! We began our journey in 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio with a women's hygiene drive and have since expanded into year round program offerings and projects.  We service underserved communities and hope to bring equitable resources and life experiences to all.

This organization promotes the common good and welfare of an entire community by supporting and creating programs that increase  accessibility to equitable resources in literacy, wellness and the arts. These three targets are inherently necessary as skill to live in society. They support mental, social and corporal functions essential to daily life. Because of this, anyone's advancement in these areas impacts the community as a whole. 

With our targets The Arts, Wellness and Literacy we hope to enhance every community we are present in.  We welcome and encourage all women to join the #SunshineMovement , order products and to support our many communities by joining JOS programming.

We believe in safe homes for our family, radical self - love and acceptance. 

Hashtag #SunshineMovement on your social media and show us how you've spread a little Sunshine today!

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Literacy, Wellness & The Arts 

At JOS we believe that literacy is one of the main pathways to discovering the world. With literacy you become more well-rounded as you are continually learning about things outside of yourself.


JOS views well-living as maintaining mental, emotional and physical wellness.


We love the Arts at JOS! We believe there are many benefits of the performing and fine arts and seek to promote programs that enhance those skills.


Not a corporation ... a community

“No one wants to be put under any circumstances to beg for support, but sometimes life is not easy, and things may happen in unexpected ways. Through generosity, we create a deeper sense of community with each other. The Jar of Sunshine focuses on building equity and resources and engages in programs for women and children. I hope to see our books, care packages and events continue to spread light to the neediest and enlighten our souls in the process.” - Alycia R. Barney, Secretary

“The Jar of Sunshine is in the business of making the world a better place. It is truly a labor of love with outcomes that make every effort worth it. Our program initiatives are growing and we are proud to do the work that we do for the communities we serve.”

- Sheri Coleman, Treasurer


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Women's Hygiene Drive

Nursing Home Holiday Music Visits


Breast Cancer Survivor Gift Packages

Clothing Drive  


Community Literacy Engagement


NEW Fall Programming TBA

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Juneteenth 2022 Interview

Juneteenth 2022 Interview

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